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    What Happens at a Professional Portrait Session?

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    Your photo session can take place at home, in a studio, cafe or an office environment or even outdoors – a place that would best reflect the side of you that you’d like to have captured. 

    But wherever the session takes you it will have one thing in common – it’s meant to be fun and enjoyable!

    In this article I am going to give you an overview of what happens in a professional portrait session. (Warning! - funny bits included).

    The scary moment

    Many people come to the session thinking “there is nothing that can be done with this face, so I’ll just smile until my cheeks hurt and get it over with.” 

    Well, that’s simply not true. 

    Here is why you can expect the photographer to be the professional you might need – they know the best poses that bring out the best in you! There is no such thing as not being photogenic, there’s just photographer’s bad work.

    Enjoy – have fun and don’t be afraid

    Professional funny portraits  Professional funny portraits Professional funny portraits

    When starting the session, I always try make “the victim” feel more comfortable and less like I’m going to actually shoot them. 

    So when the session starts I’ll get you to relax those face muscles. You might have been practising in front of the mirror and now trying to keep that face – I can tell you honestly that it’s probably not working. Your face muscles are close to having cramps and you look like you’re in pain – not a good photo! 

    So to begin the session, I’ll be telling you to start pulling silly faces. Professional portraits

    Follow instructions

    Everything I write about here I will also repeat in the session and probably even more. We talk about best poses and best angles – try them out, look them over and try again. Sometimes I like to ask you questions in the middle of the session and have you think about something serious or fun. Just keep in mind – think of the answer in your head and don’t say it out loud. It’s not that I don’t want to know the answer, but very rarely you’ll choose a photo where you are just about to say something.

    Don’t be afraid to try something new

    Sometimes I ask you to imagine that you’re a top model and take the poses you’d image a model taking at a photo session. It’s fun and it’s actually meant to be a relaxing exercise – but in between all of this and more we will get the best portrait picture for your profile, webpage or business card.

    Professional Portraits

    Keep eye contact

    When you look at celebrity pictures in the magazine, they always seem really interesting personalities. But how do you know that? You can’t hear or talk to them when all you can do is look at the photo. Why is that then? They’ve all been coached when posing for cameras.  

    What is actually happening is that the photo of the personality being captivated of contemplative portrays an image of an intelligent and interesting personality. Look at how intently they stare at the camera! So just keep that eye contact and imagine the camera to be something you love or something interesting. Also another trick I sometimes use is to make you imagine you are at the optometrist. Just remember not to read the smallest line as squinting tends to be unattractive. 

    Practice is okay

    Even though I started off by making fun of practising your best faces in front of the mirror, it is actually not a bad thing – it’s good to know your own best angles and features.  Try smiling with your teeth showing and without, try smiling with mouth closed and stick tongue against the palate - see how your face changes shape? Try tilting your body slightly from the waist forward, while keeping it straight - notice how the features of your face pop up more? It's good to know these things and then I will make you forget all about them when coming to the session.

    For ladies 

    Don’t be afraid to put on more make-up than usual, or even book an appointment with a professional make-up artist. They know exactly how to make you look even better on a photo. 

    So, do you think it is time for a new portrait shot? Even if you’re not sure, maybe it’s just good to experience and explore your photogenic side.

    Feel free to contact me for more information and view available packages here.



    Professional portraits   Professional portraits  Professional portraits  Professional portraits  Professional portraits





    Pille Repnau


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