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    Ten DIY Christmas Gift Ideas with Photos


    How often do you print out images? Now when taking images has become so easy - you just clicks on your mobile and perhaps share on social media. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that include taking photos, printing some or just having fun with creating an environment for everyone's amusement.  We all have art in us - taking photos lets us express it, lets us communicate our passions. So lets make this Christmas about fun with photos. 

    Idea no 1 – Pattern Organised Framed Photo

    Get some photos together and frame them in different frames. Create some patterns - you can form a heart from smaller photos of kids, surrounding the larger picture of the parents. 

    One cool idea is to organise them in a circle around a clock. Get some different size frames and a wall clock with just the pointers, all you need then are some screws and a will to drill them in the wall.

    Use old photos, or use themed photos from one specific event. Or even organise a special new photo session to get a theme in your clock. 

    Needless to say the outcome will look funky and different.

    Idea no 2 - A Special Photo Album

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    Did you know that when asked from people what they would save from burning house, then the most frequent answer is photo albums! We value the memories that the photos give us. 

    Images give us so much!

    They grab our attention and speak to our emotions. 

    Photos let us communicate, they tell us a story. You see your passions, your quirks, you see what you find beautiful and interesting in you and your family. Photos give us simple art for our every day life. 

    So tell your story this Christmas - get some photos together and gift a personalised photo album with treasured memories. Nowadays there are so many different options for photo albums  - from a simpla layout to hard cover book in a box (on a photo above). You can create one yourself with fairly low prices in one of the online printing shops, or have one done for you by a professional for you. 

    You can check out some of our photo album options here.

    Idea no 3 - DIY Photo booth for your family Christmas

    Christmas Gifts

    Photo Credit: www.frenchweddingstyle.com

    Find a cardboard and cut some holes into it, if you have some empty frames, you can use them to place around the holes.

    Or if you feel artistic - take some colours and paint around them. You can paint hair or funny items. In the holiday theme - take some wreaths and place them around the hole, so you have a simply holiday themed frame for the photos.  You can write Merry Christmas under the picture, or write a sign that people can hold up.

    Add some holiday themed props, here are some ideas -  signs with the words "naughty", "nice"; "HO HO HO", elves hat, raindeer horns, mistletoe  with the sign "kiss me"; a home made santa beard.... 

    Guaranteed fun family time.

    Idea no 4 - Personalised Christmas Cards


    Get your family or friends together, book a photographer and have personalized greeting cards to send out this year. It also works if they're digital! – you can attach them to your email greetings.

    Idea no 5 – Recycle something old

    12299383 1019094294779221 6886414040626627473 nPhoto Credit http://thewhoot.com.au/


    Idea no 6 – Corner Framed pictures

    I haven't yet found these in any shop in Australia that would do it for you, so this is your big DYI project for Christmas. The outcome will look awesome and original.

    So if you are handy with DYI projects, then this is for you.

    Your biggest expense will be your time and patience as this will take some cearful measuring.

    1. Go to a hardware shop and get some borders - you'll find plenty of usable materials in the floor section to choose from. Get some extra bits for testing it out.

    2. Start up by creating a draft on your wall. Measure out your photos and see how the layout looks.

    3. Measure carefully.

    4. Start with one frame top  add a centimeter to the width of the frame, where the centres meet - test it out before moving onto the next frame.

    5. The middle horizontal lines are single lines, no need to double them up.

    6. Putting it on the wall - I would stick the photos on the wall first with a dash of glue in the corner and then overlay the frames.

    7. Get someone to help as the 3d frame is not easy to set in place. 

    The frames do not have glass on it – as it would be quite hard to put it together. Yes, we could add glass on 2 sides, but in that case you will get a line in the middle over the photos. So you also need to choose carefully what paper your photos will be printed on - choose something thicker. Another option would be to laminate the photos, although with laminating some contrast of the image will be lost - so the image when printing out needs to have some extra spunk to it!

    If you are interested in more specific instructions, then I found some here-->

    Idea no 7 – Coffee Table Book

    CoffeTableBooks 1

    Photo credit: http://fisheyefun.com/coffee-table-books/

    Take couple days and your camera. Go visit your family members at their work, school or at their leisure and take some silly photos. Interview them with some even sillier questions and you have material for a cool coffee table book!

    Idea no 8 – Frame your business Christmas Party

    DSC 0370

    Organise a frame with your business name and something funky for your upcoming Christmas party. During the celebration people are sure to take some wonderful images.

    Idea no 9 – Frame the Family Tree

    family art

    Photo credit www.profileproducts.com.au

    Are your grandparents asking if you know your family line? Here’s a great gift for them – organise some photos in the shape of a tree and spend some time with them asking questions while setting it all up!

    Idea no 10 – Family Photo with a Twist

    DSC 2482

    Take a different approach to a family photo to be printed on canvas or framed on the living room wall. Photograph something unexpected. Especially good if there are very small children in the family - photograph their hands or feet with the grownups

    Pille Repnau


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