How to Strike a Smashing Pose in Front of the Camera Every Time

The holiday season is almost here and Christmas parties are going at full steam, we are participating at different functions with work, friends and networkers. Lot of these events have a photographer, or even if they don't - with everyone having a camera in their phone, surely lots of photos will be taken.

Here are a few DO's and DON'Ts for how to look great on all photos.



1. Don't pull back, don't pull away from the photographer

We tend to be intimidated (even if just subconciously) by the camera pointed at us and I see that so much - people pulling away, shrinking from the camera. Few things are going to happen if you do this

2. Don't make yourself shorter

If you are a tall person amongst shorter people, don't crouch over them and try to make yourself shorter. 

3. Don't push your chin up

This goes hand in hand with no 1 don't pull back. We think that pushing our chin up will hide the doublechin, when in fact the opposite will happen -


1. Strike a pose

 Stand up straight, push up your chest and suck in that belly! 

Women should feel comfortable putting one hand on the hip - it might feel funny at first, like a superstar, but there's a reason they do this!

Putting a hand on your hip, creates space between your hand and body, making you look slimmer.

You can watch a video on how to strike a pose here -->

 2. Push your head slightly forward and tilt down

Yes! Forward and down instead of back and up!

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but test it in front of a mirror. Photographers say that it's the jawline that makes the picture and that is so true. When pushing your head forward and tilting down 

3. Do something fun

Looking at pictures of perfectly posed people can be fun.... or not.

But the pictures and people we remember is when someone is doing something out of the ordinary on the photo. Wave your hands, do a silly face, act out the situation.

Now business people might think - this will make me look unprofessional. Well, I guess that depends on the pose you are striking, but more than that you will


As an extra tip here for business owners: if you are at an event with a professional photographer, go have your photo taken and use it later to share with your audience. What will happen is


Happy posing at Christmas and send me through some of your worst and greatest poses!