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    DSC 9308 Edit 2We process images 60 000 times faster than text. What does this mean? – it means that images and visuals are much easier and quicker to process. Images are the easiest way to impact your potential clients.

    Images are telling stories in their own way and when it’s done right they will send a powerful message.

    There are so many ways you can connect to your customers. One important word the title is missing, is “ideal”. You wish to connect to your “ideal customer” with images. But for ideal customer, you need ideal images and that is the topic of branding photography and you can read about it here.

    This article assumes you have consulted with a branding agency / branding photographer and created the images that speak for you to your ideal customer and now thinking of how you are going to use it.

    Together with your branding agency or marketing person you might have already created a strategy of blogs, posts, shares, advertising, but here I would like to share some tips and ideas for creating images.

    Some ideas for images

    As mentioned above the images are the most effective way to get your message across. In your photo bank you should have images that you can use for your quotes, inspirational sayings that portray you and emphasise your message.

    1. Point to it

    The easiest way is to have an image of you pointing left, right or up where the quote is. This creates a connection with you and the quote. Of course – the image has to be styled to correspond to your brand and be authentic to you.

    2. Have images that describe your product ready to go

    These images do not have to be directly about you. Share images that portray the lifestyle you are selling. For example if you are an insurance broker, you are selling a care free, happy life and your images need also to convey that message.

    3. Differentiate

    Make a difference of what you share on different social media channels, LinkedIn images and Facebook images should be different.

    4. Photo sliders 

    Use the images from your photo bank to create sliders of your products to share around and remind your customers of what you offer.

    5. Have suitable images that you can use for offers ready to go

    Make sure they align with your brand – are you selling things in a “Crazy sale, check this out!” way, or is your brand connected more to high end products?
    First option can have an image of your surprised face, whereas the other should create a mood of exclusivity.

    6. You and your staff

    The most fun and easiest way to connect to your clients and display your brand is to have images of you and your staff. Schedule posts about this is who we are, this is what we do. Have images that relate to the business, but don’t also forget that you and your staff have their own personality that they bring to the table – so why not display their hobbies and things they love.

    7. Have seasonal images

    When organising a photo session, think ahead – do you wish to have an image of you personally wishing Happy New Year?
    The seasonal images do not need to be connected only to the public holidays. Create your own! Maybe you are an accountant and want to wish happy new financial year to your clients? 

    8. Have images ready to go for your blog

    Most bloggers have some sort of a plan what they will write about. When organising a photo session, think ahead. Even if you are like me and you don’t have a specific blog posts plan, you most likely will have a rough idea what topics you will be touching in the next year, how often you will publish and where you will publish. This will help you narrow down images you will use.

    9. Email and newsletter footers

    Do you send out newsletters to your clients? Does that newsletter (it should!) have a footer about you and your business? Adding an image to your email and newsletter footer adds personal touch and connection.

    10. Pressboard

    Now, this idea is little bit out of line from the other ideas and not directly what a photographer can do for you but it is still connected to you, your business and how you promote yourself. It applies to you if you go to events, expos or run events or setup a shop to showcase your products. Besides a banner, have a pressboard. A funky wall in front of which people want to take photos. Make your clients want to identify themselves with your product and your brand and they will do the sharing for you!

    There are many more ways you can use photos to connect to your clients. To get a personalised strategy and start creating your photo bank, talk to a branding specialist or a branding photographer. 


    Pille Repnau


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