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    Thalie Seneque Banner 800pxWhy do we use photos of ourselves on social media and on our website? To flatter our egos?

    I believe online usage of photography for business aims to create connection with our clients.

    To create a feeling that they already know you. And - that they already like you! It's almost a magic word - likability. 

    According to some studies it takes about 4-5 hours of communications to build trust with your clients. Imagine what right photos can do for you on your website. Right photos will tell a story, create likeability and connection, they will communicate your person, your business and your values. That trust, that connection with your clients will in turn increase your conversion rates from your site. 

    In this article you will find some tips on how to best leverage photography on your website.

    (On the left banner photo from Thalie Seneque Total Balance website)

    Jo Saunders Measure UpKeep it in sync with your branding

    Does it measure up to your branding?
    On the image on the right we have Jo Saunders from Wildfire Social Marketing. On the branding shoot this image was created to be used with the title: Does your social media stragey measure up?
    The image is perfectly aligned with the brand, her colours and it tells a story and can be used in any marketing materials. 

    Keeping to your brand is the most important rule. If you break your brand with images you are creating instant distrust with your clients. You, the website and the images need to be in sync. The outcome of it is that when you meet the client, they feel like they already know you.

    Be the real you, be authentic

    Don’t use stock images. The aim of the website is to create connection with you (and your staff). You wish to show of the atmosphere of your business, your events and business. Show your clients what you care about. Have a branding photographer work with you – they will inquire about your brand, your style, the business values and create a vision of images that will work just for you.

     Your client might not consciously word it or understand it, but if your image on website is not the true you, it will create a feeling of a lie.

    Use the images to tell your story

    Use the power of the images. The photo of Jo , besides being interesting and to her brand is also telling a story on it's own. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and here are some fun facts about it:

    - The human brain processes images 60 000 times faster than text.
    - We perceive as much as 90% of information with our eyes.
    - Your brain can process entire image in 13 milliseconds
               With the social media I suppose, we could rewrite the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand likes”. 
    - Articles with images get 94% more views
    - Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than text posts.

    So use it. Tell a story of your business, of you, what you like, dislike. Your products and services. And here's a bonus - besides your website you can use these images in your marketing materials, social media posts, printouts, leafelets, funny blog posts etc. 

    Wayne Chandra ScubaGear

    If you have staff, don’t leave them out

    If you don’t have time or funds for a large photo session to include all your staff, at least include headshots of them. The step up would be to showcase your staff at work, talking to clients or doing work at their workstation. The best impact however, is to have a professional branding photographer work with you and your team. The photographer will know how to bring out the little personal quirkiness of each staff member and still align it with your company’s values and branding. Why not showcase everyone’s hobbies?

    Of course, the rule of authenticity also applies to your staff.

    (The photo on the left is from brand photoshoot with Wekyso, featuring Wayne who loves scuba diving)

    Showcase your work and your environment

    Use photos of you with your clients, promotions, at any events or exhibitions. If you have an office, take some photos of the office and upload them to your website. It makes your client feel like they know you better.

    If you’ve written a book, published newspaper articles, been on TV or other media – take photos of them to showcase it. Images give more impact than words. 

    Use images to show your personality, your values and even something funny. It should be given, that on your website or your social media out of focus party shots are not suitable.


    Pille Repnau


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