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    Jay's Cake WorldImagine that you walk in a bakery and they offer you a taste of a cake. “Mmmm, so yummy,” you think. “I will take a piece when the baker is not looking and share this cake around with people on the street for free, because I love the cake and I’m sure now all the people will come to the bakery to buy it.”

    Now I will ask - will they? And how does this compare to online images. More specifically sharing them around without proper rights? Oh wait – it does not actually compare – here with the cake, the benefit goes to the people on the street whereas if you share intellectual property you get the biggest piece, the biggest attention.

    When we do this with other people’s photos, creation, images – you are more than likely to receive the biggest benefits of using the image. Whether you do so in your blog or social media, it’s connected to what YOU want to say or display, it is either you on the photo or you connect the artwork to your blog, thoughts and use it to grab attention to YOU.

    (On the image: Jays Cake World)

    Pille Repnau


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