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    Are you the kind of person who is afraid of stepping in front of the camera?


    Does the idea of keeping a strict pose make you super nervous and the pictures look unflattering?

    Then this event is for you!

    You will learn what are the most flattering colours and clothes to wear, how to pose in front of the camera without feeling pressured  and how your the photos will need to look to fit your brand. This event will be so much fun that you will forget all about your nerves. 

    I can make you look relaxed, warm and welcoming.


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    Cathy Smith:
     Pille made it so easy. I don't normally like having my photo taken and when I needed some professional shots, I was very nervous. Going to a photo bash was perfect. It was like a party meets educational meets relaxing fun. The perfect combination of pointers and tips to take the nerves away and got great results. I am so happy the photo I got from Pille and have many positive comments. Thanks so much. If you need professional photo book into Pille's next bash you won't regret it.

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