My passion is in bringing light to my subjects personality; to create images that tell a story, to evoke emotional response. I like to capture the essence of the person, their life and their work, to inspire and to create a desire to know more.


Branding and Marketing Photography

For individuals

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The style and layout of your team photos should bring together both the business and the individual in one whole picture. If it’s important to your business that your client gets to know the employees and creates trust with them – professionally designed team photos for your website are invaluable.  When creating a team photo page, you want your client to spend time there, fuzzy, pixelated and small pictures just don’t capture their attention. I would also recommend against small square format pictures that remind us of social media and everything that comes with it. Better to use portrait ratio images.

Example package $790
  • Session up to 2 hours
  • For up to 4 people, including 8 professionally edited, full size images
  • Consultation before the session and creation of personalised image list
  • Ideas for marketing photos,
  • Creative directing,
  • Session fee,
  • Pose coaching,
  • Use of my portable studio lights for session at your location or studio rent up to 2 hours in the Perth CBD
  • Extra photos: $25 per photo
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      Event Photography

      No event is too small to be recorded. Let me make your event memorable!

      Whether it is a family gathering, corporate event, networking evening or a marriage proposal – it deserves to be remembered with professional photography. Yes, your photos are the only thing that is left after the party is over, not the food or drinks or entertainment – so what is there even to think about?

      Event photography price guide: 1st hour $250, next hour $200 Over 4hour – packages available

      Personal and Family Photography

      Celebrate yourself, your relationship and your family!

      Whatever it is you are celebrating, it is worth being recorded. Whether it is a graduation, proposal or just spring – get in touch to find the most suitable package for you. 

      I will take you out on a wonderful day in beautiful spots around Perth creating images worthy of printing on large canvases and making you proud of yourself.
      Different options are available.