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    My Personalities

    My name is Pille Repnau and I am the Perth Personality Photographer. 

    I am very glad you are here, I hope you will take the time to say Hello to me too.

    Pille Repnau - Perth Personality Photographer

    Pille Repnau2

    Pille Repnau - the photographer

    I was given my first camera at the age of 13. We were running around in our huge back yard, staging videos and photos with friends, wearing bedsheets as capes and using the grill skewers as swords. 

    It was the time for the musketeers.

    As I grew older and started to work in travel industry, my interest in photography grew mainly into travel photography and I became intrigued of the stories that images can tell and how the best story-telling images are composed of.

    My passion really is in people and the psychology of creating images that capture the personality and business and tell a story that inspires the viewer to act. For that purpose I spend a lot of time learning about branding, marketing and how images affect the viewer. Personality Photographer helps your business with images that tell your story, that create better connections to your audience, increasing your ideal client base. 

    Pille Repnau - Perth Personality Photographer

    PilleRepnau theGeekPille Repnau - the Geek

    I’ve always loved geeky things.

    In high school I was always the weird one out, but I did not care. I loved who I was. I wore my geeky boots and lived and learned on my own terms.

    My education took me through studying Asian Culture (focusing on Tibetan Studies) to learning travel business by work experience, becoming guiding tours all over the world and becoming graphic designer and marketing coordinator. Weirdly enough I continued on to IT Networking studies. Realising that troubleshooting is not my strong suit I finally followed my heart to photography.

    Gathered around me throughout the years have been other geeky friends. We had poetry writing nights, short stories writing nights, we directed our own plays and movies, I have written short stories and plays, painted and created computer art. We played boardgames and had theme parties.

    My husband, who I met in Australia, owns a gaming store that has led me to get more involved with tabletop gaming and miniature paintings. On Sundays one can find me playing games and recording videos for a YouTube Channel We Play. Over the past few years I have written bits and pieces for a science fiction book I hopefully one day will finish. 

    Pille Repnau - Perth Personality Photographer

     Pille Repnau - the Traveller


    Having worked in travel industry since high school, I am madly in love with travel.

    I have seen probably more of the world than most people. Working with big groups and showing them the beautiful places in the world is a very gratifying job, but when I travel for myself I go without a plan and without any bookings. Before arriving to Australia I spent a year in Asia backpacking with no specific plans. This was the best year of my life. 
    In my travels - continuing my rebellious attitude towards set roads and popular lifestyles - I continued to choose the roads less travelled and less tourist crowded places to visit. For example I hiked part of the Everest trek but had no interest in climbing to the base camp. We stayed around 3400m in Namche Bazar and hiked in the area. At the end of the tourist season so there was no competition on the roads. 

    I don't like big cities or Western cities so much. Having been through Europe I never got as excited as with travelling in Asia. 

    One of my favourite places in the world has been Luang Prabang in Laos and I very much would like to return there one day.

    Pille Repnau - Perth Personality Photographer

    Pille Repnau - the Joker

    According to the Archeotype personality test I am the Joker and there has never been a better description of how I see myself than this. 

    The Joker archetype urges us to enjoy the process of our lives. Although the Joker can be prone to laziness and dissipation, the positive Joker invites us all out to play, showing us how to turn our work, our interactions with others, and even the most mundane tasks into joy. The goal of the Joker is perhaps the wisest goal of all, which is simply to enjoy life as it is, with all of its paradoxes and dilemmas. What causes most dread in the Joker is a lack of stimulation and not being “alive.”

    I stronly recommend taking that test for your personal brand (you can click here, it is free). It helps you figure out best ways of portraying you and your business. 


    I am so glad you have visited this page.

    Please - do get in touch with me, I love getting to know new people! 

    Best way to find me is via the contact form below, or on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PerthPersonalityPhotographer/ 


    Some businesses who I've worked with: 

    Personality Photography Partners


    I love Pille's work - my website is filled with it! Pille works quietly in the background at events, unobtrusively capturing magic moments with very high quality images. I recommend her to my clients - her portraits are stunning. She has the knack of capturing the "personality" of events as well as people.

    Pauline Bright, Bright Business

    Pille has supplied all of the MyCL professional photos. We use them on our website, facebook page and other promotional material. She carefully listened to us and helped us decide what photos were required. MyCL will be engaging with her in an ongoing bases as our business grows. Thanks Pille.

    Melanie Gray, MyCL

    I have used Perth Personality Photographer as a last minute emergency to cover a media story for a young racing car driver in Perth. Pille answered the call out quickly and was available to do the job the next day. Pille was professional and punctual and was very quick to edit and send the photo's through. The photo's have been used in the media across the country and are fabulous.

    Nicole Ashby, High Profit Media

    Pille is a dream to work with. Unobtrusive, professional and always at the ready to capture those important moments. But most of all, she's fun, immediately putting her clients at ease. Highly recommended for events and portraits. Thank you Pille, for your continued support with the Extra.Ordinary. brand!

    Carmen Jenner, Fluffytowel

    Pille is so talented with the camera. I am always extremely happy with the photos she takes, whether they be staged or candid. I would confidently stand by Pille's ability to put the personality in photography.

    Vanessa Thiele, Action Potential

    If you need a professional photographer who has the gift of capturing the spirit of the moment and the personality of the people, you must book Pille! She's utterly talented and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.

    Lyn Walster-Hawkins

    I use Perth Personality Photographer for all of my business needs ... I love working with Pille -- she is always relaxed and creates a warm and welcoming environment ... and the results are always FABULOUS!! Highly recommended x

    Liz McCoy, iWant Enterprises

    We have engaged Perth Personality Photographer a few times now. Professional portraiting was made a breeze and we enjoyed the process; it was fun! And, the shots look great. We have also had Pille at two events, and been at quite a few others where she has been the professional on board to capture the day. Her manner is unobtrusive and the digital darkroom work is amazing - where the day that has been magically recorded comes to life, making those action shots truly remarkable. Highly recommended for any corporation or individual seeking an authentic photo shoot.

    Clara McAlaney, Creatavision Publishing

    Pille was FANTASTIC to work with!!
    She was very generous with her time, made me feel completely comfortable & knows her stuff!!
    Such a beautiful woman & wonderful talent with the camera - had such a blast!
    Will definitely get more pictures in the near future. If you are are looking for a great photographer & also one who makes you feel very special & relaxed - you have found her!! :)

    Kylie Pereira, REBELution


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