Why Personality Photography?

I’m fascinated by people. My passion is in bringing to light a person’s personality; to create images that tell a story, to evoke emotional response – a desire in the viewer to know more about the subject of the picture.

When I work with businesses, I’m very conscious of making a connection between the person in the picture and the person viewing the picture. I like to capture the essence of the person, their life and their work, to inspire viewers to take action – to get to know the person and make contact with them. To create a desire to know more.

I worked for years travelling the world as a tour guide and photographer. I became intrigued by the stories that images can tell and how the best story-telling images are composed with an artist’s eye. Light, atmosphere, the scenery or setting, placement, proportion and composition can all influence how a picture – and a person – is perceived. It’s fascinating!

I’m a bit of a Personality Profile Junkie. I like to know what makes people tick before I start clicking. I’m curious to get to know your personality.

What I’ve discovered is that people don’t particularly like having “professional” photos done – it makes them nervous. They don’t know how to behave in front of the camera and they start pulling all kinds of unnatural faces and awkward poses.

I can fix that because I’m “The Joker” – not in a silly way prancing about like a jester, but in a light-hearted playful, relaxed way that will get rid of your nerves easily and help you reveal your true self. I’ll show you the pics as we take them so you will never end up with one you don’t like.

The photographer

I was given my first camera at the age of 13. We were running around in our huge back yard, staging videos and photos with friends, wearing bedsheets as capes and using the grill skewers as swords. 

It was the time for the musketeers.

As I grew older and started to work in travel industry, my interest in photography grew mainly into travel photography and I became intrigued of the stories that images can tell and how the best story-telling images are composed of.

My passion really is in people and the psychology of creating images that capture the personality and business and tell a story that inspires the viewer to act. For that purpose I spend a lot of time learning about branding, marketing and how images affect the viewer. Personality Photographer helps your business with images that tell your story, that create better connections to your audience, increasing your ideal client base. 

The Geek

I’ve always loved geeky things.

In high school I was always the weird one out, but I did not care. I loved who I was. I wore my geeky boots and lived and learned on my own terms.

My education took me through studying Asian Culture (focusing on Tibetan Studies) to learning travel business by work experience, becoming guiding tours all over the world and becoming graphic designer and marketing coordinator. Weirdly enough I continued on to IT Networking studies. Realising that troubleshooting is not my strong suit I finally followed my heart to photography.

Gathered around me throughout the years have been other geeky friends. We had poetry writing nights, short stories writing nights, we directed our own plays and movies, I have written short stories and plays, painted and created computer art. We played boardgames and had theme parties.

My husband, who I met in Australia, owns a gaming store that has led me to get more involved with tabletop gaming and miniature paintings. On Sundays one can find me playing games and recording videos for a YouTube Channel We Play. Over the past few years I have written bits and pieces for a science fiction book I hopefully one day will finish. 

The Traveller

Having worked in travel industry since high school, I am madly in love with travel.

I have seen probably more of the world than most people. Working with big groups and showing them the beautiful places in the world is a very gratifying job, but when I travel for myself I go without a plan and without any bookings. Before arriving to Australia I spent a year in Asia backpacking with no specific plans. This was the best year of my life. 
In my travels – continuing my rebellious attitude towards set roads and popular lifestyles – I continued to choose the roads less travelled and less tourist crowded places to visit. For example I hiked part of the Everest trek but had no interest in climbing to the base camp. We stayed around 3400m in Namche Bazar and hiked in the area. At the end of the tourist season so there was no competition on the roads. 

I don’t like big cities or Western cities so much. Having been through Europe I never got as excited as with travelling in Asia. 

One of my favourite places in the world has been Luang Prabang in Laos and I very much would like to return there one day.