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    Everyman brands
    promise belonging


    Everyman (or Orphan) archetype is an independent, self-reliant person who is are mistrustful of authority. They fear exploitation.Their strength is the interdependence and pragmatic realism that they had to learn at an early age.

    Lover brands
    promise passion


    The Lover archetype governs love from parental love, to friendship, to spiritual love. Pleasure, achieve intimacy, make commitments and follow our bliss. They fear both being alone and losing the love that they have gained,

    Ruler brands
    promise power


    The Ruler archetype inspires us to take responsibility for own lives.The Ruler’s quest is to create order and structure and hence an effective society in which the subjects of the Ruler can live productive and relatively happy lives.

    Innocent brands
    promise simplicity


    The Innocent archetype is characterised by a childlike approach to the world. They are optimistic and believe if they try hard, everything will be OK. The danger in this is indiscriminate trust and the setting of unrealistic goals.

    Explorer brands
    promise freedom


    The explorer desires to discover and explore the unknown, braves loneliness and isolation. Helps us discover our uniqueness, our perspectives and our callings. They embrace learning and are ambitious,

    Magician brands
    promise knowledge


    The Magician archetype searches to understand how to transform situations, influence people, and make visions into realities. The Magician’s quest is not to “do magic,” but to transform or change something or someone in some way.

    Hero brands
    promise triumph


    Tough and courageous, the Warrior archetype helps us to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles and persist through difficult times. However, the Warrior archetype also tends to see others as enemies 

    Rebel brands
    promise revolution


    The rebel embodies repressed rage about structures that no longer serve life. This archetype can be ruthless, it weeds the garden in ways that allow for new growth.

    Sage brands
    promise wisdom


    The Sage archetype seeks the truths that will set us free, wisdom and the ability to see the world objectively. The Sage is a seeker of truth and enlightenment. The Sage hopes to see life with clarity through honesty. 

    Caregiver brands
    promise recognition


    The Caregiver is an altruist, moved by compassion and generosity. Caregiver helps us raise our children, aid those in need, and build structures to sustain life and health. 

    Creator brands
    promise authenticity


    The Creator archetype fosters all imaginative endeavors, from the highest art to the smallest innovation in lifestyle or work. Creators, fearing that all is an illusion, seek to prove reality outside of their minds. .

    Jester brands
    promise enterntainment


    The Joker archetype invites us all out to play, showing us how to turn our work, our interactions with others, and even the most mundane tasks into joy. The Joker seeks to simply “be” in the present moment.

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