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    The Magician

    Magician brands
    promise knowledge


    The Magician archetype searches to understand how to transform situations, influence people, and make visions into realities. The Magician’s quest is not to “do magic,” but to transform or change something or someone in some way.

    Magician brands

    serve as catalysts for change; turning problems into opportunities; reframing difficulties; empowering people, creating flexible, win/win solutions for all involved in a situation.


    • Lynx, MasterCard, Smirnoff, Polaroid.

    The magician wants to understand the universe and their place in it, and fear unintended negative consequences of their exploration.

    Suitable for brands that:

    Have a transformative product or service.

    • Promise to transform customers.
    • Have a new-age quality.
    • Are consciousness-expanding.
    • Are user-friendly.
    • Have spiritual connotations.
    • Have new, contemporary products.
    • Are medium- to high-priced.

    The  Mgician  is also known as:

    • Catalyst/change agent: Sees opportunities for change or provides motivation for innovative transformation

    • Envisioner : Sees possibilities and develops a clear vision of the future

    • Healer: Effects individual or group healing

    • Intuitive: Uses harmony, serendipity to set a course

    • Wizard: Has a talent for unexpected results

    Core Desire:

    • understand the fundamental laws of the universe.

    Best sides: 

    • driven, charismatic with a capacity for healing.

    Worst sides:

    • can be manipulative, dishonest and disconnected from reality.

    Advertising message:

    Customers need to feel they can grow wiser or influence people by using your products. Ads should be imaginative and inspiring.

    Advertising imagery:

    Something to aspire to, ideals, attractive.

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