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    The Sage

    Sage brands
    promise wisdom


    The Sage archetype seeks the truths that will set us free, wisdom and the ability to see the world objectively. The Sage is a seeker of truth and enlightenment. The Sage hopes to see life with clarity through honesty. 

    Magician brands

    are the best when developing significant expertise; gathering and analysing information so that it’s useful to others; and contributing knowledge to almost any situation.


    • Oprah, Discovery Channel, the Alpha Course

    The sage seeks the truth and wants to find the wisdom in every situation. Their biggest fears are being misled and being ignorant.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Provide expertise or information to customers.

    • Encourage customers to think.

    • Are based on new scientific findings or esoteric knowledge.

    • Are supported by research-based facts.

    • Want to differentiate themselves from others whose quality or performance is suspect

    The  Sage  is also known as:

    • Expert/guru: Develops their knowledge and expertise to the highest level.

    • Philosopher/contemplative: Seeks, creates clarity.

    • Mentor/teacher: Shares wisdom with the world.

    • Investigator: Researches and gathers information.

    • Analyst: Thinks and synthesises learning

    Core Desire:

    • to find the truth.

    Best sides: 

    • wise, articulate and open-minded.

    Worst sides:

    • pedantic, self-absorbed and cold.

    Advertising message:

    Customers believe that knowledge comes from growth, and look for new sources of information. They prefer ads which challenge them to think in a new way. Customers understand difficult ideas, intellectual in-jokes.

    Advertising imagery:

    Higher level vocabulary and symbolic imagery.

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