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    The Everyman

    Everyman brands
    promise belonging


    Everyman (or Orphan) archetype is an independent, self-reliant person who is are mistrustful of authority. They fear exploitation.Their strength is the interdependence and pragmatic realism that they had to learn at an early age.

     Everyman brands

    are successful when establishing a sense of belonging and human dignity and they create hard-working teams. They are also seen as the person next door, the realist, good old boy, solid citizen and good neighbour due to their attributes of realism, empathy and lack of pretense.


    • KitKat, IKEA, eBay

    The regular guy wants to belong and feel a part of something, and their greatest fear is to be left out or to stand out from the crowd.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Give people a sense of belonging.

    • Have an everyday functionality.

    • Are low to moderate priced.

    • Are produced by a solid company with a down-home organisational culture.

    The Everyman t is also known as:

    • Egalitarian: Believes in the worth and dignity of all.

    • Realist: Tries to face the facts as they are, not as she or he wishes they were.

    • Communitarian: Seeks and builds community in all situations.

    • Comrade: Likes to be one of the gang.

    • Democrat: Believes in the concept of “all for one and one for all”.

    Core Desire:

    • connecting with others.

    Best sides: 

    • friendly, empathetic and reliable.

    Worst sides:

    • weak, superficial and suggestible.

    Advertising message:

    The everyman appreciates quality and dependability in their brands. They prefer the familiar to the strange, and will emotionally invest in brands that they trust.

    Advertising imagery:

     Image is honest and dependable.

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