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    The Hero

    Hero brands
    promise triumph


    Tough and courageous, the Warrior archetype helps us to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles and persist through difficult times. However, the Warrior archetype also tends to see others as enemies 

    and tends to think in “either/or” terms.

    Warrior or Hero brands

    are successful when producing consistent results; creating teams and systems that fulfill objectives; and giving their all. Their core talents are competence and courage. The Hero can be a rescuer and crusader, be both the winner and the team player.


    • Duracell, FedEx, Nike, Snickers

    The hero’s main motivator is to prove their worth, and their greatest fears are weakness and failure.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Will have a major impact on the world.

    • Help people be all they can be.

    • Solve a major social problem or encourage others.

    • Have a clear opponent they want to beat or are underdogs or challenger brands.

    • Are strong and help people do tough jobs well

    • Have customers who see them as good citizens.

    The Hero is also known as:

    • Competitor/winner: Energised by overcoming obstacles and competing with others.

    • Dragon slayer: Energised by besting adversaries.

    • Crusader/rescuer: Emphasises making a difference for others.

    • Achiever: Consistently produces results and succeeds through discipline/focus.

    • Coach: Shapes individual or team performance by bringing out the best in others.

    Core Desire:

    • to prove one’s worth through courageous acts.

    Best sides: 

    • brave, determined and skilful

    Worst sides:

    • arrogant, aggressive and ruthless

    Advertising message:

    Hero businesses promote themselves as good quality and superior to their competition.

    Advertising imagery:

    looking competent, courageous and powerful, depicting vicotry and triumph.

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