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    The Lover

    Lover brands
    promise passion


    The Lover archetype governs love from parental love, to friendship, to spiritual love. Pleasure, achieve intimacy, make commitments and follow our bliss. They fear both being alone and losing the love that they have gained,

    driving them to constantly sustain their love relationships.

    Lover brands

    are about evoking emotion and creating relationships, building real partnerships among employees and clients.


    • Victoria’s Secret, Herbal Essences, Hagen-Dans

    The lover lives to experience pleasure in their relationships, work and environment, and they fear being unwanted and unloved.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Help people belong, find friends or partners.

    • Functions to help people have a good time.

    • Are low to moderately priced.

    • Are produced by a freewheeling, fun-loving organisational structure.

    • Need to differentiate itself from self-important, overconfident brands.

    The  Lover is also known as:

    • Partner/intimate: Forms close bonds; finds ways to make others feel special

    • Harmoniser: Ensures that relationships are harmonious and pleasurable

    • Connector/matchmaker: Brings together people/groups

    • Aesthete: Appreciates/creates beauty

    • Bon vivant: Lives life with passion and enthusiasm

    Core Desire:

    • intimacy and experience.

    Best sides: 

    • passionate, magnetic and committed.

    Worst sides:

    • people-pleasing, obsessive, shallow.

    Advertising message:

    Glamourous, with an emphasis on sensual pleasure. Ads will typically focus on how the product feels for the customer. If Lover brand comes across as cheap or businesslike the air of mystique will be ruined.

    Advertising imagery:

    Emotional, real, harmony and showing greater quality in life.

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