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    The Rebel

    Rebel brands
    promise revolution


    The rebel embodies repressed rage about structures that no longer serve life. This archetype can be ruthless, it weeds the garden in ways that allow for new growth.

    Rebel brands

    are successful at developing truly radical ideas, products, and services; leading reform of all kinds. Revolutionary types need to be careful about coming across as reckless, shaking things up endlessly/needlessly, and becoming stubbornly oppositional.


    • Harley Davidson, PayPal, VO5.

    The rebel craves revolution or revenge, and their greatest fear is powerlessness.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Have customers or employees who feel disenfranchised from society.

    • Help retain values that are threatened, or paves the way for revolutionary new attitudes.

    • Are low to moderately priced

    • Break with industry conventions.

    The  Rebel is also known as:

    • Troubleshooter: Sees problems in current ways of doing things and determines how to improve them.

    • Radical/outlaw: Lives and thinks outside the box and takes action without waiting for others.

    • Challenger/contrarian: Questions the tried and true; presents opposing points of view.

    • Populist: Believes in the premise of giving “power to the people”.

    • Game-changer: Initiates radical innovations that change the rules of the game or the realities of the marketplace.

    Core Desire:

    • revenge or revolution.

    Best sides: 

    • free-spirited, brave and adaptable.

    Worst sides:

    • destructive, out of control, nihilistic.

    Advertising message:

    An alternative to the mainstream and make an effort to stand out. Successful rebel brands are likely to have a cult like following.

    Advertising imagery:

    Being different, leading the way.

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