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    The Creator

    Creator brands
    promise authenticity


    The Creator archetype fosters all imaginative endeavors, from the highest art to the smallest innovation in lifestyle or work. Creators, fearing that all is an illusion, seek to prove reality outside of their minds. .

    Creator brands

    develop distinctive, original products and services and/or innovating new solutions or expressive means.


    • Apple, Lego, Adobe, Google.

    The creator is driven by their desire to produce exceptional and enduring works, are most afraid of mediocrity.

    Suitable for brands that:

    • Promote self-expression, gives customers choices and options, helps innovation or is artistic.

    • Are in creative field like marketing, public relations, the arts, or technological innovation.

    • Want to differentiate it from a “do-it-all” brand that leaves little room for the imagination

    • Have products with a do-it-yourself aspect.

    • Has customers who have the time to be creative

    • Have a creative culture

    The  Creator is also known as:

    • Artisan: Gives expression to visions/thoughts/ideas.

    • Innovator: Generates ideas for new approaches.

    • Inventor: Devises objects or ideas that perform new functions.

    • Builder/designer: Makes new forms/objects/processes/structures.

    • Dreamer: Envisions ideas and sees through an imaginative lens.

    Core Desire:

    • to create things of enduring value.

    Best sides: 

    • imaginative, expressive and innovative

    Worst sides:

    • self-indulgent, melodramatic, narcissistic.

    Advertising message:

    The ideal ustomers generally don’t like advertising. May enjoy experimental, boundary-pushing or novel ads. Offer the key to unlocking creativity. 

    Advertising imagery:

    Unique, creative, different

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