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    How to use Photography Effectively in Your Business part 1

    Iris PitchIris Pitch

    In this first introductory article to this series, I will discuss couple of questions that we all should think about in our business.

    Think about the following:

    What can branding photography give you?

    Why do we take business photos?

    Why do we have profile photos on social media, on our website etc.?




    Photography is a way to communicate yours and your business’s personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to customers, to convey your brand message. Understanding this allows us to create some amazing images which will bring more customers to your business.

    Who does not want better connections and more customers?

    Olivier Pécheur Olivier Pécheur In the past corporate photography was limited to images of smiling professionals and handshakes of people in business attire.

    Often these were stock photos. I could go on for a long time about why you should not use stock photos, but I think since you are all here today, you have opted out of using them already! You can read more about not using stock images here.

    In short – stock photography will never create the connections and trust with your business!

    Marketing and sales specialists have said it takes an average of 5 hours to create trust with your customers. Having fun and or serious photos online will already cut some of that time down, especially if the photos represent the true you and your brand and what you stand for. Photography that is branded to your business and personality will help you tell a story. 

    If you think of big powerful brands, you notice they all have very powerful and consistent imagery. 

    Visual imagery for your business is very important. 

    Let me give you some more numbers to convince you:

    - 90 % of information we perceive is visual

    - the human brain can process images 60 000 times faster than text

    - Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than text

    - Articles with images get 94% more views


    Your brain can process entire images in 13 milliseconds


     Karen GigliaKaren Giglia

    Is it time to think what stories your business images are telling? Are they cooperating, or are they contradicting your message?


    Having a professional "Headshot" is important, but with everything getting more and more visual and more competitive, it is even more important to have creative images, that show off what you are about and create connections with people.  To have your online photo be truly a personality photo. 

    Gaye NilsonGaye Nilson


    Main reasons for using good photography for your business are:

    1. Stand out - be noticed in the noisy marketing world.

    2. You only get one chance of a first impression.

    3. Make it count! Using creative images will tell your story and create action

    4. Using professional images makes you look professional

    DSC 4255 Edit CopyWekyso Studio



    Coming up next - How to use Photography Effectively in Your Business part 2

    "Before stepping in front of the camera"


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