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    Part 3 will discuss where you can potentially use the photos of you and your team. Before you go to a photo session have a discussion with your photographer what are the outcomes you want.

    A good photographer will learn about your business, your marketing strategies and goals and will also give you ideas about possible photos. Here are some ideas that I have gathered over time for different businesses. Here are 10 different ways, but surely there are more options!  

    Where to use branding photos?

    Personality Portrait Jennifer BryantJennifer Bryant, www.businesswomenaustralia.com.au1. Personality photos – portraits

    These are quite obvious - for portraits on Social Media, for your webpage About section. You might want to differentiate between different social media though. Facebook photos can be more fun and casual and LinkedIn photo should be little bit more professional look. For social media photos try to avoid white background photos. Choose a location that connects to you that tells your story. On a webpage, however, a white background works best in most cases. Your webpage background is usually white and having a white background for the image will make it seamless and fits in with any design as well. 

    An important note for portraits is to keep them up to date. No one should have a portrait that is older than couple of years. Keep it fresh and up to date! 

    2. Funny photos for marketing

    Look at your marketing plan for the year. What are your goals and what is the message you want to convey. What are your branding values? Do you wish to portray a fun, quirky environment or a serious professional atmosphere? 

    Looking at your marketing plans - your planned posts, campaigns and even blog articles think of images that might go with them and instead of getting stock photos, increase your connection and likeability with your readers by using photos of you or your team. For marketing photos there are two major approaches - portraying the happy outcome of your product or portraying the bad outcome if client does not have your product. Easy ideas for marketing photos are different facial expressions and pointing in different directions. You can add your marketing text on the photo later. 

    Marketing Photos WekysoWekyso Studio, Marketing Photos http://wekyso.com.au/

    3. Team photos

    Don't forget about your team! People connect to people first and then to product / business. Create a little section for each of your team on your website and add a photo. For example you can have a serious photo which will turn into a fun one, when people hover over the image with the mouse. That will create attraction and the visitor will spend some time going through the photos finding out what everyone does. The "hover" picture can be hobby related or just a funny or different expression. 

    Business Portraits InspireClarity (6)

    4. At work photos

    Images of you and your team at work. If your business is mostly sitting behind computer then these are bit harder to create, but if your business is dealing with people, building, moving, doing some sort of action - these are very relevant and connect to the viewer.

    5. Company “news”

    These are hard to plan for the session unless you have a specific plan for the year what will happen. Do you have a new product coming out? Create some photos of developing it. Are you building a new website? Document the progress etc. If the plan is already set in motion and you are having a bigger photo session, you can definitely use the photographer to create images for such announcements as well.

    6. Office / work environment photos

    People wish to get to know you, your team and your business. Where you work can be a powerful way of connecting to your customers. Your office or work area can tell a story of what kind of business you are. Do you work in small cubicles? Or do you have an open funky atmosphere? What do you want the customer to imagine when they see your brand? What are the business values you are conveying? 

    7. Product photosProduct Photography Web

    That is pretty obvious when you are selling physical touchable products. But what if your product is a service? Is it possible to picture it? With most services there is a way to put it on an image and use that to sell it better. The better the imagery, the more you will sell.

    One important thing to take into consideration is using images of products in their natural environment. So if you sell physical products, make sure you have images that show how people use it and how they feel about it. (Usually happy customers). That applies to selling services even more - having a photo of a happy customer using your services can say more than words. 

    8. Photos for your blog

    I've mentioned blog above already, but it deserves its own point. Most of us do have a blogging plan for the year. Take advantage of it and get photos done with your list in mind. 

    Marketing Photos Thalie Seneque Thalie Seneque www.thalieseneque.com.au

    9. Personality Portrait Vida CarlinoVida Carlino, www.inspirationsource.com.auFun photos for your newsletter footer

    Every time you send a newsletter you should add something personal to it. Why not create a photo bank where you can draw from that says something about you. May be you like board games or rollerblading, may be you are a fitness fan or love flowers. Use it to create connection with your customers. Perhaps add a thought of the day or format it as an inspirational quote from you to your clients. 

    10. Photos for contacting you 

    Some ideas that come to mind are - E-mail footers, Skype pictures but it is up to you to think how you communicate with your clients mostly!


    Coming up next - How to use Photography Effectively in Your Business part 4

    "How to create a shoot list"

    Pille Repnau


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