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    Before stepping in front of the Camera

    Before stepping in front of the camera there are few things you need to consider for your business. 

    • Obtain brand clarity
    • Create your personal style

    = Look confident to attract your dream client

    Who’s got a personal brand?

    Before Stepping In Front of the Camera 2Everyone should put up their hand, because personal brand is you! It is what you say and do online and offline. It is what your clients perceive when they meet you in person or when read your blog, watch your videos or listen to your podcasts online.  So since we already are our own personal brands, would it not make sense to get clarity on it?

    This ties in with your personal style and personal photography so well – the visual side of your personal brand. And as I have also previoulsy discussed – visual is much more important to people nowadays.

    They say since mobile phones, people’s attention span has gone down to 3 seconds. 3 seconds is enough to form an opinion based on your looks or your image.

    Before Stepping In Front of the Camera 4

    After that first impression the person looking will decide, if they wish to read more or continue the conversation. Would you want your personal brand to be full of you? Be full of energy and say all the positive things about you that you believe in?

    During the time people view your image, we wish them to experience emotions and thoughts which influence their decision to contact you and work with you. I’d say you are responsible of connecting to your clients meaningfully, so the images give out exactly what you wish them to.

    Do you think personal branding is more important than your logo, your website look or your business cards?

    To create your personality photos we think of:

    • Where you came from, what have you learned through our journey
    • Where you want to be
    • Take time to list your values and what we stand for
    • Think about you and your message
    • What do you think you are known for now?
    • What people think when they hear your name?

    Creating a powerful personal brand takes time! It takes time to investigate and learn all about yourself.

    One important thing I have learned is: Make it real! There is no point in trying to be who you are not. The most influential brands convey the message of clarity and authenticity. People will connect to a real person.

    “Powerful, Personal brands are created from the inside and seen from the outside”
    Zahrina Robertson, author of “Magnetic Branding”

    Personality Photos are made of:

    Before Stepping In Front of the Camera 1Your personality
    • Creating real connections
    • How you market yourself
    Perception  of others
    • How you create connections
    • How you have built your brand
    Your presence
    • Your brand message
    • How you market yourself

    These 3 points create the impact you will have on your potential clients. If all these three are present and reflect on the levels of impact your business has. Take some time to rate each of these points out of 10 and how well you feel it is developed in your personal brand. Write down what you can do to make it better.

    For creating some basics for personal branding, the easiest is to create some keywords

    Your Values

    1. What are some of the traits that describe your personality?
    2. Which of these you can use effectively when talking to people?
    3. What values you wish to show people who talk to you?

    Before Stepping In Front of the Camera 3

    Your Business Values / Your Business Vibe

    What is the message you wish to convey? Consider your industry and your position in that industry.

    1. What is the #1 thing that will inspire people to your brand?
    2. What is the least appealing thing for your target audience?

    Before Stepping In Front of the Camera 5

    Know your audience

    Law firms, doctors, insurance companies will have a different audience and different message than web designers or personal trainers. They also wish to portray a different message - serious, professional or fun and relaxed.  But whatever will be your exact style of photos, their main aim is to create connections with your customers. To make your business seem more real. And as mentioned before it is to create trust – lot of the times our profile or website is the first place our customers “meet” us. So when we meet them in person, they already feel like they know you and can start building on that trust.

    Coming up next - How to use Photography Effectively in Your Business part 3

    "Where to use branding photos?"


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