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    To be the considered as a category authority in your area of business, looking influential is one of the most important things. People make up their mind about you based on first impressions. And if that first impression is digital - which it nowadays mostly is - your photo is what your potential clients are most likely to see first.

    Photofeeler suggests there are three major categories that viewers judge your portrait - competent, likeable and influential. In this article, we will take a look at looking influential.

    Iris PitchIris Pitch 1. Use a power pose

    Power posing is about opening up. It is about making yourself larger and perhaps even towering over others. Hands on your hips and hands behind your head are the most common ones. For photos that might be too posed, so I suggest just an open pose, perhaps leaning on a table or keeping one hand on the hip (2 hands might seem too demanding). Power poses mean spreading out, taking up more space, standing tall, or opening yourself up.

     2. Wear a suit or a jacket

    Wearing a suit or a jacket might not be your usual style. That is definitely something to consider as we pose for the photo. My friend tested out several portraits on LinkedIn and asked her contacts to rate the images. People who knew her well voted for the more casual photos as those seemed "more her" to us. However, people who did not know her well all voted for the photo where she was wearing a jacket. Wearing a suit or a jacket is triggering the thoughts of authority and importance in our minds. But as first impressions go - we might still want people to perceive us as our true selves, to create real connections and true likeability. So from a branding perspective - if suit or jacket is not your thing - don't wear it on your photo. In the long term - the clash between who you really are and who you look like on the photo will work against you. 

    VanessaThieleDr. Vanessa Thiele3. Look down on the viewer

    This one is hard to achieve from a photographers point of view. Most of us do not look flattering when photographed at this angle. Here the genius of a professional photographer will come to play in helping you out if this is the road you wish to take. Looking up on you makes you seem more important - more influential. 

    4. Have professional take your photo

    This one should be obvious but many people still settle for selfies or event photos. Having a professional photo implies to our subconscious that also you are a professional. 

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