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    Spring is here and I hope many of us will be heading to the nature. We’ll be sharing these moments with our families - enjoying the colours, the blossoms and freshness in parks, by the sea or in our back yard. Naturally you wish to take photos and with phones taking pretty good pictures, it has never been easier.

    Here are couple of simple tricks you can use to make your family photos in the nature look more pro even with taking the images on your phone.

    1. Use a tripod or phone stand

    MiniTripodSet up your scene and make sure your phone is securely set up to take the photos. There are several options out there that are suitable for phones, from mini camera tripods that cost around $6 to large expensive tripods. But even the smaller ones are well worth the investment.

    There are mini tripods that have bending legs, which means you can set them up around a tree trunk or on an uneven ground

    2. Think of framing

    Photographers usually work on bases of the rule of thirds. Most cameras and phone cameras will even let you put the grid on the screen, so you can see how your picture will be framed and divided by 3 horizontal and 3 vertical slices.

    Place your subject(s) on these lines to create visually more attractive and balanced scene.

    In the example, I have one person standing on the left line, you can similarly pose your family on one line.


    3. Posing

    Compared to an official photo session, it is easier to get people to relax when you are taking your own family photos, but couple of tips here how to make it easier and look better.

    If you want more traditional type of photo you will need to direct the shoot and make sure everyone is looking at the camera at the same time. 

    Having gone through that with my own family with camera set up on remote, I can testify it is not an easy task being in the photo and making sure everyone else behaves as well.  Here’s a picture of my family taken last year in Estonia.

    DSC 0167 Edit

    Find a spot

    The sun in Australia can be really harsh, so your best bet to get a good shot is having your family stand in the shade. Too much sunlight on your faces will create really strong light and shadow play, and our own faces will be less visible.

    If that is not possible try to find an angle so the sun is not directly behind, nor in front of you. If it’s behind you will lose the background of the image into a big white blur.

    If it bends, bend it – ie strike a pose

    Don’t be afraid to strike a pose. Tilt your hips, bend the front legs knee, bend your elbows to keep space in between your body and arms.

    Scatter the heads

    Avoid having everyone’s heads in one line or row.

     Below you can see 2 different shots of the same family in the same location. On the left photo they are nicely bending their knees and turning their bodies, but the overall look is better on the right side image. We have broken up the straight line.

    DSC 0768 Edit



    Alternatievely, you can row up all the heads, but it would have to be for a posing reason. For example in the photo below everyone was laying on the grass looking towards the camera. 

    DSC 8345

    4. Have fun and let kids be kids

    You will enjoy photos of the kids much more when they’re in their natural element. Don’t force them to sit down and pose, try to make them play around the group.  

    5. Warderobe

    If you have more time to prepare for the shoot, think about the clothes you will be wearing. Try to colour coordinate. In the colourful spring the single colours will work best. Wear all jeans and light tops for example.

    For example – this photo below taken of my friend Birgit’s family last year looks really good as they have colour coordinated perfectly. They also followed my instructions to pose – bended limbs, heads on different levels and everyone is looking at the camera. The perfect shot that reflects the closeness and fun of this family.

    DSC 0792 Edit


    Let me know how you go with your family!

    If you'd like to book in a session to have me record your memories, check out my packages here: 


    Pille Repnau


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