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    1. Emotions Rule

    Use Images to Increase Conversion Rates7

    Many people buy things for emotional reasons. Think of what is the emotional benefit your clients will get when they use your product. Have images that convey that feeling.

    People wish to be reassured and feel comfortable. Images on your website should show the visitors that they are doing the right thing being here. Lead them gently with emotions to click them the button you want.

    Here you can also use the fear tactics – the opposite, what might happen if they don’t use your product. That technique is often used by security companies – you see images that are associated with fear and threats.

    Photos of people however are said to increase empathy. Get personal with your audience.

    From the type of human images that work the top one is a baby, followed by women. Pictures of men are not considered to create too much emotion for selling things. But here you have to be careful in not choosing an image of an attractive woman to sell your product, when she’s got nothing to do with it! Customers will catch up on the plan and it will backfire.


    Use Images to Increase Conversion Rates6

    2. Think Outside The Box


    Make your website scream “I’m different” with your images. Here is where your point of difference comes into play. Why should the customers by from you and not from your competitors? Make sure your images show off the difference! Don't be afraid to be you on the photos and do things your way.

    Are you wearing a suit because of compensation or competense?

    Ming Chong, Wekyso

    3. Use high quality large images

    In the past most landing pages have had low quality images, mostly also stock images. But lately lot of internet companies have started to understand the benefits of having high quality tailored images. High quality images create perception in the clients mind that they are being offered a high quality service.

    Also research has shown that larger images work better on landing pages. A larger central, high quality “hero shot” will be easier to understand and also evoke a stronger emotional response.

    Dell recently tested a landing page using a large hero shot as the page background. The number of leads generated increased 36% over the control page.

    4. Feature the customer

    Images are also more effective when they show the target customer. One of the more effective image-based conversion tactics is to show the customer using the product or service. This allows a prospective buyer to visualize using the product. It’s an extremely powerful psychological cue. It also creates a form of social validation where the prospective buyer is more inclined to buy because they believe that other people are already happily using the product.

    Use Images to Increase Conversion Rates3

    5. Humanize web pages with faces

    For a few years now, good designers have understood that displaying faces next to key calls to action improves conversion rates.

    Add a friendly face to Contact Us page and it can increase conversion up to 20%

    Some research has also shown that having Facebook facepiles of people who like your page, will increase conversion. Probably to do with creating trust in your business.

    Use Images to Increase Conversion Rates2

    6. Show detailed images

    You should show your customer about your product as much as you can. The customer needs to understand what it is you offer. It is easier with touchable products, but if you offer a service, have photos of that service in action next to the description. If you offer workshops for example, make sure you have photos of yourself delivering a workshop to go with the sales pitch!

    7. Use images that guide your client

    Most often this is accomplished by having the person on the photo pointing towards where you wish your customers to look or click. But more subtle way is to look at that direction or have your body slightly turned at that direction.

    Use Images to Increase Conversion Rates5

    8. Image layout and placement is critical

    The best example of this is the “before” and “after” images. For example, people are used to seeing the before on the left. Also some market research has shown that the closer the images are to each other (ie the cap between them is small) the larger the perceived change!

    9. Avoid confusing images

    This should be quite obvious. It will create an illusion that your product or service is hard to use.

    10. Use image priming

    Priming involves using subtle cues, often in the form of images, to influence a person’s future behaviour. Although it’s the subject of some controversy in academic circles, there have been studies on how image priming can impact conversion rates. For example one study showed that mildly erotic photos of men and women caused heterosexual men to take greater financial risks than subjects who were shown images of office supplies or spiders.

    Researchers have also found that even with irrelevant images – such as an image of a book on Amazon, when they are actually selling a file – will increase the sale, because it makes it seem more legitimate.

    There was an interesting study done on that topic.

    They told the test group random facts and asked them to confirm if the facts were true. Each decision was to be made quickly to simulate “snap judgement”.

    The results?

    …we are more likely to wager that a fact was true when it is accompanied by an uninformative photo…

    PS. Don’t forget about colour psychologyColoursinBusiness

    The main colour of your image can have a great impact on your webpage conversion rates. Colours also create emotions and reactions in the viewer. For example the most effective buttons are red, followed by green.

    Other colour meanings could be well used in your photos:

    YELLOW: optimism, warmth, clarity.

    Yellow BUY sign is also often used to grab attention of window shoppers. Just remember all the discount sale signs.

    ORANGE: friendly, cheerful, confidence

    RED: Excitement, bold, youthful

    Red increases heart rate, creates urgency and thanks to that we can often see it in clearance sales.

    PINK: Romantic 

    Pink is considered to be romantic and feminine, and  mostly used to market to women and girls

    PUPRLE: Creative, imaginative, wise

    Purple colour can be used to soothe and calm the viewer. It is often seen in beauty or anti-aging products. 

    BLUE: trust, dependable, strength

    Blue creates the feeling of trust and security. We can often see blue used by banks.

    GREEN: Peaceful, growth, health

    Green is associated with wealth and is also the easiest colour for the eyes to process. It is used to create a relaxing feeling in shops. 

    GREY: Balance, neutral, calm

    BLACK: Powerful and sleek.

    Is used to market luxury products. 

    Pille Repnau


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