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    Cool Colours


    Refreshing and cool because we associate them with the sky, water, and nature.

    Blue typically feels trustworthy and reliable but, depending on the shade, it can also feel dramatic (royal blue), childlike (baby blue), or upscale (Tiffany Blue — the famous robin’s egg blue).

    Green is usually associated with nature and plants, health and serenity, so it feels fresh. And money Depending on the shade, it can also feel lush and elegant (emerald green), calming (seafoam green), or energetic (kelly green).

    Products and Services

    Suitable for products and services that promise refreshment. For example - mint-flavoured gum—it’s usually in blue or green packaging.

    Use colours such as turquoise, green, aqua, or blue.

    Colour Pscyhology

    Blue stands for  “trustworthy, dependable, fiscally responsible, and secure.”

    Think of big brands like Facebook, Wal-Mart, AT&T and police department. 

    There are many industries that use these colours and the cool hue -  for example the tech, finance, and lifestyle spaces.

    Clients trust these brands with various bits of their everyday life -  doing laundry, chatting with friends, saving for retirement etc. The blue colours will make the client feel safe even when the business is updated and is innovating new approaches or new products. 

    Green also associates with growth and peace; but also wealth and is the easiest colour for our eyes to process.

    Customers will feel like they’re buying into something to maintain their health, let them live freely, or get them outdoors.

    For green think of Whole Foods, Land Rover, and Starbucks.

    Best suited for Brand Archetypes:

    The Everyman, The Explorer 

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