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    Warm Colours


    Colors like red, orange, and yellow are warm colors. Warm colours evoke feelings of comfort, warmth, and happiness.


    We associate them with the heat of fire and sunshine, and they feel decidedly more energetic.

    Red feels stimulating and passionate, even aggressive. 

    You can combine red with softer colors such as white, yellow, or orange and create the excitement and not riski the feeling of danger to the consumer.

    Yellow is a colour of optimism and warmth. It feels cheerful and mellow, optimism, warmth and clarity. 

    Orange - friendly, cheerful, confidence. Orange is often referred to as a “friendly” color. Orange feels playful and childlike;

    Products and Services

    Suitable for products and services that are exciting, new and interruptive. 

    Use colours such as red, yellow and orange.

    Colour Pscyhology

    Red is exciting, bold and youthful. Red increases  the heartrate and urgency.

    Coca-Cola marketing campaigns promote the drink as something exciting and something to be shared amongst friends and family.

    Netflix and YouTube both combine the black and white with red in their logo, they disrupt the tech of the day, driving the innovation that consumers love.

    Yellow color that has the benefit of being bright enough to grab a consumer’s attention from a distance.

    It makes sense that Denny’s and McDonald’s both use yellow in their logos since they’re eager to attract hungry travelers on the interstate.

    Orange - is concidered playful and childlike;

    Hence you can see it in big brands as Nickelodeon and high fashion brand Hermes.

    The bright, bold orange, used by stores promoting value, like Home Depot and Payless, is said to communicate affordability.

    According to Entrepreneur, a subtler, peachy shade of orange tends to appeal to an upscale market.

    Best suited for Brand Archetypes:

    The Lover, The Explorer , The InnocentThe Rebel 

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