Are you the kind of person who is afraid of stepping in front of the camera? 

 Does the idea of keeping a strict pose make you super nervous?

Then this event is for you!

You will learn how to pose in front of the camera without feeling pressured  and how your photos will need to look to fit your brand. Plus – this event is so much fun that you will forget all about your nerves and I can make you look relaxed, warm and welcoming.

Whatever your style and message, I will work with you to get the best look of “you” on the photos!

Looking forward to capturing you!


What's On?

  • Enjoy the fun creative environment
  • Learn how to pose like a celebrity, how to use the most flattering poses in front of any camera
  • Option to do some fun marketing photos, props and ideas on location! (purchase your favourite images later)
  • Get a portrait taken (2 finalised images included in price)
  • Enjoy some nibbles and drinks
  • And of course it’s a networking opportunity for all participants!

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Photos for every smile and every style at the studio bash


Vanessa Thiele, Coach, Action Potential Group:

Pille is so talented with the camera. I am always extremely happy with the photos she takes, whether they be staged or candid. I would confidently stand by Pille’s ability to put the personality in photography.

Pauline Bright, business coach:

I love Pille’s work – my website is filled with it! Pille works quietly in the background at events, unobtrusively capturing magic moments with very high quality images. I recommend her to my clients – her portraits are stunning. She has the knack of capturing the “personality” of events as well as people.

Carmen Jenner, author, blogger and copywriter at Fluffytowel:

Pille is a dream to work with. Unobtrusive, professional and always at the ready to capture those important moments. But most of all, she’s fun, immediately putting her clients at ease. Highly recommended for events and portraits. Thank you Pille, for your continued support with the Extra.Ordinary. brand!

Cathy Smith, websites and marketing expert:

Pille made it so easy. I don’t normally like having my photo taken and when I needed some professional shots, I was very nervous. Going to a photo bash was perfect. It was like a party meets educational meets relaxing fun. The perfect combination of pointers and tips to take the nerves away and got great results. I am so happy the photo I got from Pille and have many positive comments. Thanks so much. If you need professional photo book into Pille’s next bash you won’t regret it.

At the studio Bash it is easy to get photos for any purpose

Marketing Photos for teams

Fun Photos

Marketing Photos for individuals

Newsletter and Social Media Photos

Helpful Marketing tips

Colours in Your Photos

such as cool colours: blue & green

Blue stands for  “trustworthy, dependable, fiscally responsible, and secure.” Think of big brands like Facebook, Wal-Mart, AT&T and police department. There are many industries that use these colours and the cool hue –  for example the tech, finance, and lifestyle spaces. Clients trust these brands with various bits of their everyday life –  doing laundry, chatting with friends, saving for retirement etc. The blue colours will make the client feel safe even when the business is updated and is innovating new approaches or new products. 

Green also associates with growth and peace; but also wealth and is the easiest colour for our eyes to process. Customers will feel like they’re buying into something to maintain their health, let them live freely, or get them outdoors. For green think of Whole Foods, Land Rover, and Starbucks.

Brand Archetypes

Being able to design a brand personality around an archetype that connects unconsciously with our audience is a big first step for:

  • Brand Message
  • Brand Imagery
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Engagement
  • Creating a Community
  • Conversions


  • Are intuitively understandable.
  • Connect more deeply.
  • Make a more compelling brand.

Moods in Your Photos

Red is exciting, bold and youthful. Red increases the heartrate and urgency. Coca-Cola marketing campaigns promote the drink as something exciting and something to be shared amongst friends and family. Netflix and YouTube both combine the black and white with red in their logo, they disrupt the tech of the day, driving the innovation that consumers love.

Yellow color that has the benefit of being bright enough to grab a consumer’s attention from a distance. It makes sense that Denny’s and McDonald’s both use yellow in their logos since they’re eager to attract hungry travelers on the interstate. Orange – is concidered playful and childlike – you can see it in big brands as Nickelodeon and high fashion brand Hermes.

The bright, bold orange, used by stores promoting value, like Home Depot and Payless, is said to communicate affordability. According to Entrepreneur, a subtler, peachy shade of orange tends to appeal to an upscale market.

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